Division Spotlight: Psychotic Solutions!

Article By: XGN SPENCE

This week I dive into a division in XGN that is truly one of a kind. PS aka Psychotic Solutions is a division in XGN specifically for our friends on PS4. Most of us know that XGN is mainly made up of Xbox players but we cannot forget our family on the other consoles. Gaming reaches out to everyone, no matter what they play on. This is extremely important in helping our friendly community grow.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a few members from PS about their experience within the division. As always there was nothing but good things to say. This tells me that our community as a whole is achieving our mission statement and beyond.
What’s your favorite thing about your division? “My favorite thing has got to be the comradery and the level of friendship between everyone. It just seems like we have built an even stronger bond than any other division.”
What games does your squad/division main? “We are not a game specific division. But our squad is based in Destiny 2, Fortnite, Rainbow 6 and COD WWII.”
What sets your division apart from the rest? “We are a truly special division, we have been through it all, and are on the verge of splitting. in April we were down to 35ish members and are now at about 120 on the verge of splitting. We are all committed to making PS Flagship by years end. We all have our individual goals but have our sights set on a division wide goal.”
Have you always been apart of PS? “Actually no, I started out in DoS back in 2015, then I went to Kryptic PS in mid 2016ish. I miss DoS but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one left from that division.”
Describe some of your daily activities with your squad/division. “We typically just game, every day. Theres always someone on and ready to play, all the time. But I typically am adding or taking people off of the squad tag and making sure that I introduce myself to new members and I run my squads meetings. So that’s a typical day.” -XGN Boris
“I have been in Ps for a week and I have seen a lot of amazing things occur from our late night gaming to our late night forum posting. Everyone is more family like and not as focused on themselves. As a hybrid squad we play all games with all ages we are an adult and Jr squad but the way we work together makes me think all squads should be like this. It’s unbelievable how happy I am here.”          -Spirit of XGN
That’s what XGN is all about right? We’re one big family and nothing can tear that apart. PS is doing an amazing job fulfilling the XGN mission statement. I can’t wait to see them grow and flourish even more. Thank you all for being loyal and friendly members in this amazing community.
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