Division Spotlight: Game or Die!

Article By: XGN Jallenxo

Out of all 9 of the divisions here in XGN, only one in particular stands out above the rest; a place these members get to call home and express who they really are within. It’s time to take a closer look into this division, we are now walking into the one and only division – Game or Die!

In the beginning of the week, I was beyond blessed to be able to sit down with a handful of members in Game or Die and have them explain to me, just what impact this division has on them not only in XGN but also individuals. While sitting down with these members, I was able to understand the true feeling of being in Game or Die without actually being within the Division. These members are more than willing to welcome anyone and everyone into their division within the first minute of meeting them, even if they may be strangers. “Such a strong word for strangers to even use with each other: We’re not strangers, indeed we are family.”

Every member that I spoke to in Game or Die all had their own things to express about this amazing division, but within all these members they all had one thing in common; Game or Die is their home, even from members who once called a division home, finally have come to realize that they have finally made it home for good! “ If it wasn’t for the people I’ve met in GoD I don’t know where I would be at today.”

Followed by the amount of gratitude for which the staff members within Game or Die can not only be described as a few people, but the entire division. All the staff members take 110% pride everyday to make sure they help out every person who is need, when one is down they all circle around to help them get back up and power through everything that comes their way. With this quote, “ It’s so ike a small family that everyone cares about everyone else.”

Every division has a different way of doing things, but others should take the gratitude and passion of Game or Die and implement into their own division. The first step to as a whole is having the members who will push anyone to try their absolute best in everything they do!

“In my eyes were like a pyramid, more people keep climbing up to make it stronger and if someone falls then we continue to add and add to make it stronger.”

“Be prepared to be bombarded with loving friends who just want you to smile and laugh.”

No one knows what the future holds, but what I do know is; Game or Die will be around for a while and can spread their gratitude to others!

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