Division Spotlight: Devil’s Rejects!

Article By: XGN Ap3x Wolf

“Actions speak louder than words, Hard work pays off!” – XGN SOLO VII

Have you ever been so affected by what is said, that you immediately stop, write down what is being
stated and then go forth and use it real life? I have and it came unexpectedly from not one person but a
whole Division.

I was granted and graced with what I can only describe as awe and inspiration as I not only spoke with
Division Staff, but with members from every rank and squad from Devil’s Rejects! I sat down and asked them
what they would describe being in Devils Rejects is like and how they felt it was to them on a personal level. With almost next to no prompt came the calls of family, great, friendly, fun-loving, amazing, passionate and my personal favorite home!

Many within Devils Rejects members went on to describe why they felt more at home than their actual
homes. It hit hard after listening to the passionate voices of those who shared. For some they had
nobody to call family, others were without friends, and some had started wondering down a path most
wish to avoid. With a complete uniform response they had nothing but gratitude, enthusiasm, and a
firm stance of Devil’s Rejects being the ones to give them a home and family.

The aptitude for which the staff members in the squads within Devil’s Rejects can be attributed to not
one single person, but as a whole. The capacity at which they run individual squads is astonishing. When
one needs help they are more than able to rely upon more than just a specific squad staff. With
statements such as, “Being staff can be stressful. The smallest of things, such as train-ins, can get a bit
stressful. What really helps me is that in my squad and in the division I can get help at anytime
regardless of rank.”

Others went into a personally related instance by saying, “Our division is really respectful of real situations.
They show us patience and understanding. They are really supportive and lend a hand or ear when needed.
It really helps us grow on a more personal level.” That simple fact that with everyone I spoke to, every single
one of them responded in like mindedness.

Things that I feel every division could use as tools or take to their division and incorporate it can be
found within Devil’s Rejects. I in communities and in the military, have never seen comradery on this
level. The love, the passion from everyone, Corporeal to Division Leader is just fantastic. The life of a
member of any stature is filled with activity, education, commitment, and a good allocated staff willing
to be there at a moments notice no matter the situation.

“I look forward to coming online everyday.”

“We care about each other even when we might be fighting or having issues, we work through it and
continue on!”

“It keeps a person busy, especially when we have nothing else to look forward to, it really makes you
feel good.”

Many had been in other clans and communities and said that none had came close to what they
experienced in Xiled Gaming Network and in Devil’s Rejects.

In a whole they strive for excellence, greatness, professionalism, support, and growth not as individuals,
but as a division!

XGN Ap3x Wolf
“Why is Devil’s Rejects a home to you?”

“The people, the pride, DR is like a house when stuff goes wrong, I’m like the grumpy old man; ain’t
gonna track mud in here!”

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