Division Spotlight: Dealers of Death!

Article By: XGN SPENCE

This week I dig into the division Dealers of Death. DoD is an extremely diverse division that is filled with our brothers and sisters across the pond, junior members, and some from the US as well. I had the pleasure to interview a few members from DoD and they had nothing but great things to say about their division. DoD is mainly a World of Tanks division but CoD WWII and PubG are on the rise in active members.

I asked the members the favorite thing about their division and here are some responses I received. “I like the fact we have a diverse range of members from Juniors to across the pond in the UK. There is always something going on, no matter the hour. Another thing I love is how quickly my guys are to correct people in saying we’re a community, not a clan.” -XGN Twenty 7.
“How friendly and helpful everyone is even if you’re having an off day there’s always someone to lighten the mood and have a laugh with” -XGN ZEMUS

I asked them what sets your division apart from the rest and all the responses were very similar. The general consensus is that DoD knows how to have a good time, no matter the time. With their diverse member location and activities, members can always find someone to group up with and enjoy whatever it is the are interested in. Nothing brings a community together like friendly people and DoD sounds like a prime example of XGN’s mission statement.

Everyone I have spoken to has made a home in DoD and loves their division, they couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
“I was recruited into Patton, then merged into Chieftain. After a rocky period of people leaving and whatnot, I once again was merged into Churchill, where I really got my feet wet as far as being a leader. We rebuilt Churchill from the ground up, and did a pretty good job in my opinion. There were a lot of lessons to be learned during that time. I don’t see myself ever being in another division. DoD is my home.” -XGN Twenty 7

From what I have gathered, DoD gets down to business but has fun in process. Workshops easily turn into gamenights, chatting with members and having fun are top priority. Whether it be starting a rolling gamenight between squads or just dropping in and saying hi to members and seeing how they are doing, DoD does it right!

I’d like to conclude this article with a personal message from XGN TripleR75, the Director over DoD.
“Over the past several months DoD has had several set backs. They have shown there toughness. And there determination on rebuilding that division. As there director I have talked to them as what directions to go. They are all on board. The leadership is young, but very determined to do what needs to be done to achieve the division goal. There are many up and coming things for DoD. I’m very proud to be their director and proud to see what they can do together. As they continue to move forward.”

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