Division Spotlight: Brotherhood of Steel!

Article By: XGN Jallenxo

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been affected by someone who is capable of showing the ability to get through everything that comes within a given day. Whether is may be within that one person or within a whole division; buckle up because we are about to dive into Brothers of Steel!

Within the last week, I was granted the opportunity to not only sit down and ask a few questions to some members of Brothers of Steel, but also the ability to feel the amazing atmosphere of so many welcoming people, that I’m beyond happy to be able to call my fellow XGN members. I sat down with them and proceed to ask them to tell me about the daily life of a member within Brothers of Steel along with describing the division as a whole and how it affected them as an individual.The numerous answers that expressed the feeling of a family growing is behind the feeling any person could only imagine to be able to feel.


A few members from Brothers of Steel began to describe just how much love they had for their division and some even went on to explain that they felt more at ease and at home than anywhere else. Not being able to physically hear the voices of those who expressed that feeling was heartbreaking enough, but the fact that they were able to feel at home within their division couldn’t bring a bigger smile to my face. From the members I spoke with, they had nothing but positive and enthusiastic responses about the place they get to call home – Brothers of Steel.


While some spoke about Brothers of Steel being home, others went on to talk about how the division handles the situations that may come their way,  “We recently had one squad that lost all its leader and since then with the help of the division has made a come back  and is now rivalling all its sister squads!” A division that works together is the one of the many reasons why a member feels at home; they are able to go to anyone if they ever needed it.


I believe that every division could use the love and passion for something so little to others but to Brothers of Steel is everything and more. Taking pride in your division is the first step to growing as a whole division allowing others to tag along and help out as well. Every person in Brothers of Steel is important, no matter what your rank is, leadership is found deep into every person, it just takes the right people to find it within them.


“In conclusion I must say that BoS really is family.”


“We stick together and ALWAYS come out on top together!”


“That is just how we are in BoS. Close knit and personable!”


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