Destiny’s Summer Roadmap!

Ladies and Gentlemen, year one is coming to a close.
Article By XGN Mr Pretzels

Not quite yet! We still have about three months till year one closes and year two begins. Players will have plenty of time to get ready for year 2 to begin and see what Bungie has planned for us. By player request, Bungie has released their planner for the next few months, and they have a lot of cool stuff planned.

In about a week and half on May 29th, Bungie will be releasing a couple of new features to players. These include; Faction Rally Improvements, Exotic Armor tuning, and something players have never heard of known by the name of ‘Crucible Labs’. The faction rally improvements will be very interesting to see how Bungie deals with it. Exotic Armor tuning was something Bungie worked on with the release of Warmind Expansion, which was a great thing, it made exotics feel ‘exotic’. When Bungie tunes up exotic armor it makes much unused pieces get used more often than not at all.

The Crucible Labs will be extremely interesting to see what this is. Bungie hasn’t released any information on what it is yet, and will most likely be a feature we will learn about when the update is released.  Derek Carroll, a developer at Bungie was able to release this statement about it.

“Crucible Labs will give every player of Destiny 2 access to experimental PvP content, we’ll then have a chance to solicit your feedback to guide our final iterations. You’ll learn more about Labs before launch.” – Derek Carroll

This projects the idea that the community will get to test new crucible changes and decided whether they are liked or disliked giving Bungie our feedback as a community and generating the changes we want to see.

Solstice of Heros! This will be a new summer holiday being added this year. According to Christopher Barrett, a game director at Bungie said players will

‘Celebrate their accomplishments and earn sweet new rewards.’

With this update (June), Bounties will be added back into the game and both raid layers will have their prestige mode added, more exotic changes, and a year triumph activity will be added in July. This triumph sounds a lot like the one hosted on Destiny one known as ‘Age of Triumph’.

Then here we are. The end of Year one with Septembers update. This update will include the communities most requested items such as, weapon slot changes, weapon randomizations, gear collections, record and a bunch of new gameplay modes. As well as the third expansion to Destiny 2.

According to Bungie, we will learn a lot more about Septembers content in the next few months and the first expansion will be released as Sony’s E3 conference on June 11th.

It’s almost over, the end of year one, crazy to think we’ve been at Destiny 2 this long already, and a lot of us can’t wait to see what else Bungie has to offer to us.


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