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Many of us have been hearing about cross platform play for console gamers. Some speculate that Microsoft bought out Sony or vice versa, but that would be impossible due to the size of each company and their financial state. Only a couple of major games have either been crossed or are testing. These games include Minecraft which is an Xbox One to PC cross, the other being Fortnite which had a weekend test back in September of 2017. Many are wanting to see cross platforming happen but there are some reasons why it will either take a long time or may not occur on the games we want.

The Fortnite weekend test back in September of 2017 was a mistake. Sam Stewart who is a freelance writer for IGN said that “the Fortnite cross platform play was actually a network issue.” In this same article he also said that Playstation doesn’t want to cross platform with Xbox to keep their exclusive games just that exclusive. On the other hand, Xbox wants to cross platform to grow the gaming community and merge the divide between both consoles. Many are wanting this touchy subject to happen but with both parties having different views it will likely never happen.

Microsoft already has a game that is cross platformed and that is Minecraft. Back in September of 2014 Mojang was bought by Microsoft for 2.5 billion US dollars. This has been a dealing in the working since 2012. Mojang’s own Markus “Notch” Persson said in an article on Mojang’s official site that he wanted to “work on smaller project but was stopped due to the size of Minecraft’s popularity.” Many of the employs that were working on Minecraft back in 2012 are still working on it now. So, one game has been completely crossed but it is only for those that have the Windows 10 version on PC and those that have it on Xbox One.

Playstation on the other hand is not wanting to do any cross platform with Microsoft. One reason why is that this is Playstation’s main rival in console gaming. An article back in June of 2017 many were saying that Playstation was the laughing stock of the gaming world for not wanting to be part of the cross-platform excitement. They have confronted by some of their major titles that they want to cross platform but Playstation still isn’t budging. An article from said that Nintendo will be joining in the cross-platform enjoyment with the Switch having both Minecraft and Rocket League be the main games. So, two of the big three are for cross platform but when will Playstation give in.

In closing we have Microsoft and Nintendo supporting cross platform but Playstation is not moving. These past few years we have seen some games having cross platform test, but most have been between Xbox and PC. Nintendo is on the band wagon but who knows which game will be cross platformed. Will it be Mario, Super Smash Bros., or Pokémon. Let’s just hope that Playstation finally gives the fans what they want, or we may see Microsoft take over the console platform until they finally give in.

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