Council of Elders

The Council of Elders was established in 2017 to recognize those leaders whose contributions to the community and service to the Xiled Gaming Network have been significant, substantial and long-standing. Those who have met these qualifications are looked up too by the future leaders of our community and will continue to pass down the knowledge and passions that made them the leaders they are. The following below have dedicated years to ensure the future of our organization is imminent.


XGN Anarchy VII ⋆ XGN Tiesto VII ⋆ XGN Sandman 7 ⋆ XGN DAMAGED VII ⋆ XGN Phantom VII ⋆ XGN BigSlick 7 ⋆ XGN VIRTUS VII ⋆
XGN Jofrruco ⋆
XGN TOTAL CHAOS ⋆ XGN Rainman1964 ⋆ XGN Insomnia  ⋆ XGN BloodSinger