Congratulations to the January OTM Award Winners!

We would like to extend our congratulations to the following members who have won the award for January 2018 OTM in their respective categories!

Senior Director – XGN Towlie 7
Division Leader – XGN Phage XC
Founder – XGN Spazzout
Co- Founder – HebrewXGNhammer
General – XGN Hobbs
Major – XGN TheDoc
Captain – XGN SwatMonster
Lieutenant – XGN PowerX11
Member – XGN CorgiButt

General – XGN Got2poo

Director – XGN Throttl3
Division Leader – XGN BlueDream 7
Co – Division Leader – XGN Dub 7
Founder – XGN SVD 7
Co – Founder – Legends of XGN
General – XGN Tooly
Colonel – XGN Harley 7
Major – XGN Axel
Captain – XGNAdventsMyDad
Lieutenant – XGN OneManArmy
Master Sergeant – XGN RavePanda

Departments, BoD, & Misc. :
Board of Director – XGN Breezy VII
GFX Artist – Miss Taviola
Department Head – XGN Preston
Trainer – XGN ChefSloth
Recruiter – XGN Belle
Member – XGN Belle
AAP Member – XGN Tiny

Nominations are now open for February OTM Awards! The Nominations will close at 12am est Mar 15th and voting will begin directly after! Be sure to get your nominations in ->

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