Congrats to our R6 Siege Tournament Winners!

Recently XGN Events held a Rainbow Six Siege tournament. Please join me in congratulating  the winning team of Plaque, Siege, Spider, & Fioofy. When you get to interview a team that just won a tournament it is pretty cool to see what they have to say about not only their success but where they can improve.

How was the team decided?

All of them that were on the team except for XGN Spider VI were return cases. This team was decided before the tournament but they weren’t for sure if they will get to play.

Where we strived?

Plaque: “The teamwork is the most key. They knew all the callouts and what to do.” Siege: “We just worked together pretty good and only cared about having fun and getting back in XGN.” Spider: “The teamwork was amazing with only being serious in the rounds but joked around in between rounds.” Fioofy: “I’m the team’s greatest strength.”

What were the weak points?

Plaque: “My reaction has been real slow lately and just started getting tired of R6.” Siege: “I get all bull headed and start to play too aggressive.” Spider: “I was reading the chat too much and gambling.” Fioofy: “My ego just got big and was what hurt me the most.”

Where can the team improve?

Plaque: “Relax and don’t get a big ego and get back to my normal playing style.” Siege: “Plaque needs to take his time. Fioofy can do something for the team instead of going lone wolf. Spider needs to not get hot headed. I need to stop team killing the rest of the team.” Spider: “Plaque needs to think through a little more. Fioofy needs to get rid of that ego but did whatever it took to not be MVP. Siege kept trying to one up Fioofy every single time.” Fioofy: “Addex ran as Doc most of the time, so he needs to be more versitial.”

Would you guys use this same team again?

All agreed that they would keep the team the same but, may change things in the future.

There you have it, our winning Rainbow Six Siege tournament winners! It’s great to hear how a winning team works and how they help with each other’s weaknesses. If you need some advice on how to have a successful team just ask these guys.


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