Congrats To Our PUBG Tournament Winners!

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Hey all you PUBG Gamers! Today I got the chance to meet with members of the winning team from our recent PUBG tournament: The Firefox826, XGN Sexy Butter, XGN SnowLynx and XGNworkingAtom! They all worked super hard and won!

Here is XGN SnowLynx’s response to her win:

MG: “Were you guys excited for the tournament?”
SL: “Yes!”
MG: “Midway through the tournament, how were you guys feeling?”
SL: “Very Confident.”
MG: “Do you think you got enough practice before the tournament?”
SL: “We were playing before the tourney, we had quite a bit of practice.”
MG: “How well were your call-outs / communication?”
SL: “Amazing. We worked well as a team. “
MG: “How long did it take you to set up your team?”
SL: “Well, we didn’t take long but we originally had all Jungle members, one of them had some things come up in their personal life, so we had to put another member from RoD in.”
From The FireFox826 himself:
MG: “Did you win on your first try?”
FF: “Yes, we did. In fact, we won two games before the tournament started.”
MG: “Do you have any tips and/or tricks for new players of PUBG? “
FF: “Practice! It takes a while to get decent at a game. “
MG: “The game you won, where did you guys land coming off of the plane?”
FF: “We landed Gatka.”
MG: “Who got the winning kill?”
FF: “I actually got the winning kill.”
MG: “Were all four of you alive when you got the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner?”
FF: “No, one of our players glitched into a wall and died, then one more died and me and XGN Sexy Butter were the only ones alive at the end.”
Lastly, a word with XGNWorkingAtom:
MG: “Did you guys drive a vehicle during your winning game? What vehicle?”
WA: “Yes, we drove a jeep most of the way.”
MG: “If you could go back, would you have changed anything about the game?”
WA: “Well, we lagged out of the game a couple times, but that’s the only thing I would change, really.”
MG: “In estimation, how many places did your team looted before you were ready to go?”
WA:  “6-8 houses in Gatka and a few shacks along the way to hospital to loot there as well.”
MG: “Did you guys have certain people for designated “classes”? (Medics, snipers etc.?)

WA: “Nope, we basically did our own thing.”

Article By: MsGlitter

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