Community Wide R6 Siege Event, Sept. 30th! By XGN Jessi 7

Fresh off the heels of the recent Black Ops 2 tournament that was held on September 13th, XGN Events now brings to the community members the next tournament. After holding a poll to the community through the forums of which game the tournament should be, ultimately Rainbow Six Siege was voted for once again.

Next Saturday, September 30th at 4pm EST, the 5 on 5 Siege tournament will kick off. At this time the maps are still to be determined, but the game modes will be TDM: Bomb and Secure Area. As always these few rules will apply throughout the entire tournament:

1. Standard Rainbow 6 Siege rules (spawn killing is allowed etc)
2. No hacking or sabotage of any kind
3. No rage quitting (Violates the CoC)
4. No hate messages

Submit your team to the entry post in the XGN Events Area!

Good luck to all who compete, and may the best team win!

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