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Hello there everyone, welcome to another sizzling Xiled Gaming Network Forums Update! Quite a few new things going on here so let’s get started!

The Forums Web Staff have changed their Chain of Command just a tad. For example, Chief Networking Officer is now Web Director, Chief Technical Officer is now Co-Director. They have added the positions of Web Ops Manager, and Web Ops Co-Manager. The positions of Head Administrator, Administrator, Global Moderator, and Moderator are the same.  With the change of positions, there have been a few promotions. Please join me in congratulating;

XGN Jessi 7 promoted to Web Ops Manager
XGN Euphoria 7 promoted to Web Ops Manager
  XGN Zrax promoted to Global Moderator
XGN Synaptic promoted to Global Moderator
Welcome XGN Harley VII as Moderator
Welcome XGN Jinxy as Moderator
Welcome back Irate as Site Support

A couple concerns that have been brought up recently seem to be the way the Awards display on your profile. To address this, there is no way to pick the specific order to how your awards display. There however is a way that you can sort them so they display either by award category, or by “most recently received” to “older awards received”. The second concern to be addressed, signatures. To protect the integrity and functionality of the forums itself, the following restrictions have been set for forum signatures; there is a 7 signature limit, and a 500 x 300 size limit. Please keep this in mind when you are setting up a signature for your profile. As always remember, the XGN Forums Web Staff does have the final say.

You may have seen that the Design Area of the forums was recently down for a short period of time. The reason for this was, as Design Team Head Lilith states, “For anyone who was confused, the Design section was down for a few days due to some rule construction, I guess you would say. New rules have been added, and requirements have been updated. For full rules, please refer to the design forums and read the pinned topic. Thanks!”

Awards anyone? The Awards and Achievements Department has added a whole bunch of new awards for everyone to enjoy! Head over to the AAP Area to see what awards you can qualify for. The AAP is also looking to add a new member to their staff. If you are interested, head to the AAP Application Area to fill out an application, but please be sure to read the requirements before applying. Don’t forget to go and vote for the February OTM Awards, there’s only a few days left!

Providing the news. The News Department, run by News Department Head XGN Jessi 7, is also looking to welcome new writers to the team. If you have experience in writing and would like to help provide the community with current news, please head over to the News Department and fill out an application. Please be sure to read the requirements before applying for the team.

More recently the Community Engagement Team was also announced. Now applications are open for 6 different positions on the team that is lead by XGN RIZZI. If you are interested in applying for a position on this newly formed XGN Department, please see the applications here.

Lastly, there is also a new site for gamers looking to join our community,  .
Here gamers around the globe will be able to learn about our community, our Code of Conduct, as well as be able to apply to join the community. There are also applications for a couple of the different XGN Departments there as well.

Article By: XGN Jessi 7

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