*UPDATED* Community Events This Week! By XGN Jessi 7

Who here loves themselves some Gamenights and Division Battles? Well for those of you that do here are some Community Events happening this coming week that might tickle your fancy.


Wednesday May 10th:
Remnants of War MSG XGN PharoahStvr will be hosting an XGN Community Wide Gamenight on Rainbow Six Siege. Games begin at 10:00pm UK time/3:00pm Eastern time. This is a fun and casual game night for everyone to enjoy! For those interested please note that you must have a mic, and contact XGN PharoahStvr to join.

XGN JETtheTANKand will be hosting a gamenight on World of Tanks. The purpose of this game night is to target weak points on various tanks commonly seen on battlefield. Tiers 5-10 lesson for solo and group tactic. The game night will begin at 9:30pm Eastern time, and you can contact XGN JETtheTANKand to join in.

Thursday May 11th:
Devil’s Rejects Co Founder iDunnoXGN will be holding an XGN Community Wide Gamenight. For those who are interested in participating, the game is Forza Horizon 3, game mode is Infection Rzer Only. This Gamenight will begin at 7:00pm Eastern time, make sure you send iDunnoXGN a PM for an invite to this Gamenight.

Friday May 12th:
Altered Dimensions SSG No Limits XGN & Triple Helix CPL Luckycharms5365 will be hosting a Gamenight as well. For those interested the games being played will be Karaoke, Rainbow Six, and Black Ops 3. The games will begin at 8:00pm Central time, contact No Limits XGN or Luckycharms5365.

Game or Die’s SSG XGN HoboTurtle will be hosting a Gamenight on Rainbow Six Siege as well. Gamenight will begin at 8:00pm Eastern time. Anyone who is interested in joining in on the fun can contact XGN HoboTurtle himself.


Friday May 12th:
Devils Rejects squads Awoken and Sabre will go up against each other in a 6 vs 6 clash this Friday. The battle begins at 10:00pm Eastern time. The nights host is XGN xRAYx, if you are interested please talk with your squad General and/or contact XGN xRAYx for details.


Friday May 12th:
Xiled Legends and Double Helix will be having a cross division gamenight on League of Legends. Gamenight will begin at 8:30pm Eastern time, and will be hosted by Double Helix General XGN Jhar and Xiled Legends Captain XGN Hansolo 44. If you are interested in joining please contact either Jhar or Hansolo!

Saturday May 13th:
There will be a Division Battle between Khaotic One’s and Brotherhood of Steel. The game played will be Rainbow Six Siege, 5 vs. 5 Team Deathmatch. The battle begins at 7:00pm Eastern time. If you are a part of either one of these divisions, please contact your Division Leader for more information.

Sunday May 14th:
Khaotic One’s will keep up the pace by taking on Double Helix in their second Division Battle this weekend. This time on Battlefield 1, for a 10 vs 10 Team Deathmatch. Start time of this event is still to be announced. If you are a member of either on of these divisions, please contact your Division Leader for more information.

Brotherhood of Steel will take on Dealers of Death in the third Division Battle this weekend. Changing things up, this battle is taking place on World of Tanks at 9:00pm Eastern time. This will be a 12 vs. 12 match up playing Team Destruction. If you are a member of these divisions, please contact your Division Leader.

Each week I hope to be able to bring you articles like this to announce the Community Events that will be happening. If you guys are hosting a Gamenight or Division Battle, be sure to post it in the Community Discord Server under #game_nights! You can also post them in the Community Events Area on the Xiled Gaming Network Forums.

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