COD League to Host 2v2 Tournament Tomorrow! By XGN Jessi 7

This Friday night, November 3rd, at 11pm XGN Winston and his team in the COD League will be hosting a 2v2 Bring Your Own Recruit Tournament. Eight teams will battle it out for a prize of $30 Xbox Card for each player.

The tournament will obviously be held on Call Of Duty: WWII, the first tournament that is being held by the League on WWII. Custom matches will be played, however Maps and Game Mode are still to be determined. For those members who are actually in the League, you are to bring a partner who is not a part of the league, or who is not a member of Xiled Gaming Network.

This will help boost not only the membership of the League, but to drive home one of the most important things to XGN Winston, which is to help get XGN out there and to help further boost our Community.

The COD:WWII League will officially begin during the last week of November, giving time to gamers to get the game and to sign up for the League itself. XGN Winston plans for the League to host up to three different events each week up until the Live League Draft!

Other events that are planned with dates still to be determined are;
– Zombies, 4 Man Team Tournament
– Free For All Tournament
– 4 v 4 Tournament
– 6 v 6 Tournament

Once the season begins, the tournaments become available to league members only, so make sure you join the league to be able to join in on the fun! You can currently sign up for these events here!

The 2v2 Tournament will be streamed live over Twitch by XGN SnowLynx. Be sure to check out their Twitch Channel, give them a follow and stay tuned in!


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