BO2 Tournaments To Return To XGN: By XGN Euphoria 7

author image by | Events | 0 Comments | 23 Apr 2017

Since Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 became backwards compatible for the Xbox One, there has been an explosion of game nights on BO2. Across XGN on Xbox One, thousands of Black Ops 2 (BO2) lovers have re downloaded, and even repurchased, the backwards compatible game. Events staff, XGN BIG G and XGN Euphoria 7, have seen this and decided to bring back Black Ops 2 tournaments.

Members can expect an abundance of future events to take place. For example, members can anticipate Capture The Flag and other competitive game modes on BO2 to occur. Each team gets to host, if someone is cheating record it, no fighting (trash talking), and abide to the gun rules; the rules will be shown more depth when the tournament is to transpire. Differently, this first tournament will have a cap of 16 (sixteen) teams (total) and no more than 2 (two) teams per squad. This is so the the events staff can assess the overall success, activity, and the hunger if our members want these events to continue on BO2.

More information on the upcoming tournament can be found here:

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