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Have you ever wondered if Destiny would have a clone? Well wonder no more as a new action packed adventure title is coming in 2018. Originally referred to by it’s code name, “Dylan”, Anthem is being released by Canadian based game company, Bioware, under their parent organization Electronic Arts. At their E3 Briefing, Anthem was shown being played on the soon to be released, Xbox One X, however it has been confirmed that Anthem will be released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Anthem has been said to work very similar to how Destiny, and run as a “live service”. The game will feature robot-like machinery called Mech Suits, that players will have to assemble and upgrade to take down enemies. The Mech Suits you will be using will have different features such as rockets, machine guns, and more. There are currently 2 confirmed classes in which include the Ranger, and the Colossus that have things in common like Power Jumps, and Jetpacks.

Even more like Destiny and even Tom Clancy’s: The Division, Anthem will allow players to join together into squads to take on harder missions. This shared-world action game with RPG elements, not only has large battlefields, but a 5-star rating expectancy. Outside of defeating enemies for experience points, you can even earn an XP bonus from discovering new areas. 

Since we’ve only seen this game from it’s highlights at their E3 Briefing, the game still has huge expectations. Destiny fans may or may not be interested in this “Destiny look alike”. Personally, I have spoken with some friends about the game, and they’ve said they are expecting the game to be as equally amazing as Destiny. EA has announced that they will work hard to make sure this game is released on time and not less than expected as far as the community’s likings. As of now the current release date for Anthem is set for 2018, there is no confirmed exact date as of now. EA has fully committed their time into Anthem and they are excited for what is to come.

Check out the Official Site for Anthem, where you can see the trailer and other aspects of this great game!

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