Acorn eSports Offers Awesome Christmas Deals! By XGN Jessi 7

Do you know a gamer in your life who could use some awesome goodies? Of course you do, because it’s most likely yourself or even a close friend or family member. Well this Christmas look no further than Acorn eSports!

Acorn eSports established themselves in 2017 as a one stop shop for gamers of all communities and consoles alike. Offering apparel, consoles, snacks, accessories, even gift certificates. Known for their personalized merchandise, Acorn eSports is offering some awesome deals and gear this Christmas season.

One of their best sales is their Stocking Stuffers, where you can find gifts for the gamer you love for under $10.00 USD and under $20.00 USD.

Get yourself some Fade Grips for only $2.25, or even a T-Shirt for $17.99 and get it customized with your clan’s logo!

If you’re a part of our Xiled Gaming Network Community Discord Server, XGN HELL5FURY let us know that he received his Acorn merch and it looks sick!









Get out there and check out the many many options that Acorn has for gamers in their store! Help support a sponsor that helps support Xiled Gaming Network!

Have you gotten merch from Acorn? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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