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Xiled Gaming Network is a family oriented community that provides a professional, caring, and supportive environment for gamers. XGN was established July 7th, 2010, by seven founding fathers: Mr. XGN, XGN Sandman 7, XGN Damage 7, XGN Anarchy VII, XGN Dark 7, XGN Legacy 7, and XGN Tiesto 7. Their vision was to create a home for all gamers alike from around the world to unite in the one thing they loved - gaming! XGN’s continuous mission is to create a gaming experience that would foster a friendly atmosphere and opportunities for individual progression no matter what your passions are or what platform you choose to play on. As we continue to improve we offer much more than just a “gaming” experience. From our departments, content creation, competitive opportunities, and much more, we are constantly thinking of ways to grow our thriving community. Come and share the experience today!

  • July 7th, 2010
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  • 2000+
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