Board of Directors

The President of the board is the overseer of the Board and Community. Cory is responsible for running the Board smoothly and effectively. His duties typically include maintaining and coordinating strong communication with the rest of the staff, formulating the Communities strategy and operations, and dealing with major corporate decisions. The president of the board is the highest rank within the Xiled Gaming Network.

The Chief of Community Ops is responsible of making sure that logistics and development teams have the correct information to do their duties. They maintain and manage all community operations.


The Chief Of Staff (COS) is to support the Chief Community Officer (CCO) and President within XGN as far as management of staff is concerned. They are also responsible for the senior director team and suggesting problem resolution approaches and procedures. The CoS remains focused on expanding the community to new games and platforms.

The Community Manager (CM) is responsible for all social media communications and content creation, among other things. Connecting the public to the organization working side by side with the President of XGN and Public Relations department.

The PR manager plans and directs the creation of material that will maintain or enhance the public image of XGN and oversee partnership research, development, and the various strategies of the XGN brand.



The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for the management of all Web Operations, and communicating with Clan Operations on what they would like to see implemented and obtained through the Web Operations Departments. The CAO remains focused on expanding Web Operations by bringing in new staff members and working with the staff to make sure everyone is well educated and maintains their daily responsibilities.

The Chief Networking Officer is to support the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the Board of Directors within XGN for maintaining and improving Web Operations. They are also responsible for the administration team and suggesting problem-solving performance.

The Chief Information Officer ensures the performance of the CA staff as well as any other assigned departments under his/her preview. Keeping the Board up to date on progress of reporting implementations & provide guidance and assistance to CA staff & departments to keep projects on task. Report/Give to the Board the Charts & Reports to help the Board determine viability of projects and meeting of expectations of goals of various departments. And any other assigned duties as required by Owner/Board.

The Chief Communications Manager ensures there is good flowing communications between all ranks. This position also runs the discord department and helps provide each division with discord support if requested. The CCM works closely with the Board of Directors and Senior Leader Ranks to gathers data and information to make informed decisions on projects and ideas.

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