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A leader is a special thing. Look around you. You’ve got family and, chances are, under the best of circumstances, your parents were your leaders. They worked with you, they nurtured you. Fate willing, they made things fun and they made living worthwhile. Under the best of circumstances you learned, you grew, you understood how the world around you worked.
Unfortunately, life doesn’t often fall under ‘the best of circumstances’. Family isn’t always the best and, though we try our hardest, we’re all human and thus prone to mistakes; it’s hard-wired into our nature. We won’t always be able to answer all the questions or keep you from anger or tears. One of the greatest faults of a leader is the amount of self-sacrifice required of them to remain where they’re at and the fact that, when we don’t have answers, we feel we fail to perform the one duty we’re most responsible for. It changes people and it molds them. For the best of leaders, this is a good thing, and for the worst, I’m sure you all understand.

Time is the most precious commodity any man, woman, or child owns. Time is your own and how you spend it is entirely up to the individual. However, something that so many fail to understand is that, when we are born, we are created with a set amount of it. After that allotment is up, that’s all there is. There isn’t extra time to say goodbye or to politely turn off all the lights before going. When time is gone, that’s all there is. There are no returns, there are no refunds. As leaders, we have to sacrifice this time every day to devote to our works.
For those leaders in the community, understand this. This is a choice. You can remain as you are, simple, happy, pleased. You can bask in what other leaders before you have made and truly enjoy it as a whole. XGN was made for the Corporal, the Sergeant, the Staff Sergeant. XGN was made for the children of the family. However, it was made by the father, the mother; the leader. Dozens of hands have molded and shaped the clay of the community just as seven sets originally laid the foundation for it to grow. As the next generation of leaders within the community, you have a choice. You can go back to enjoying things, to having fun, to simply going to events and being who you are and you’ll not be faulted, judged, demeaned, or otherwise misrepresented in any way and, I’m sure I speak for the community when I say this, but we’ll be happy for you regardless of what you choose.

However, if you choose to remain and continue to shape the clay; if you choose to remain to erect the pillars and raise the walls, know that you are one of the proud few who stood when all the others fell. Things aren’t going to get easier. With every passing day, things grow more difficult and the walls close in. It is up to us, as leaders, to be the shield for the members under our wings. It is up to us, as leaders, to be the creator that makes XGN what it is and will be. It is up to as, as leaders, to be the father or the mother that teaches, inspires, and nurtures all of our members and future leaders. There’s so much on every leaders’ shoulders every hour of every day of every week because, the moment we turn our back, there are those that would tear down what we’ve worked so hard to make.

This is not a horror story and it isn’t made to scare members away from becoming leadership. This has one simple moral to it. Members are here for their brothers, their family, and for their own personal enrichment. Leaders are here for the same, but they share one unique difference. They’re here for the community above all else. They’re here to lead the way and make what all members can enjoy and stand behind and, whether you read this or not, I hope that after this you will better understand the way I, as a leader, feel about the situation. I hope you take something away from this and I hope you, as a member or a leader, choose to stand for what XGN has the potential of being even if you don’t believe in what it’s become. We want the future. We want the new leaders yet to come. We don’t want a fractured community, broken by bonds so easily severed. We want One XGN and we hope, as family, you do too.

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    XGN20buxis20bux Reply
    Jul 20, 2017 @ 11:02 am

    Very moving. This train of thought is the essence of why I’m so impressed and proud to call XGN my home. We as members need to embrace the opportunities a community like this affords; someone to game with, someone to teach, someone to learn from, someone to talk to. LLXGN

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