Hall of Fame


This is the page dedicated to the members who have done something to change how the function of how XGN has done things. This page shows the chapters behind us and the ones to come. We feel as this list grows the strength of the Xiled Gaming Network will grow with it. XGN will stand by its Motto,”What Starts Here Will Change The World” Members who know those who are in the Hall of Fame, only hope to stand among the select few of the finest XGN has ever seen. The following below have been weighed and measured, and will always stand with pride, because they have made a dream for their fellow gamers realized. XGN will continue hoping to find the diamond in the rough, again honoring another by placing them in XGN’s sacred Hall of Fame.

Mr XGN ⋆ XGN Damaged VII ⋆ XGN Majin VII ⋆ XGN Legacy 7 ⋆ XGN Tiesto 7 ⋆ XGN SANDMAN 7 ⋆ XGN BigSlick 7 ⋆ XGN Bazooka 7 ⋆ XGNJimmy2Kills ⋆ XGN Anarchy VII ⋆ XGN TOTAL CHAOS ⋆ XGN CLIPSE 7 ⋆ XGN Phantom VII ⋆ XGN HITMAN ⋆ XGN MAFIA ⋆ XGN DADDY VII ⋆ XGN VIRTUS VII ⋆ XGN Towlie 7 ⋆ XGN Innerkitty ⋆ XGN DEADMAN 7 ⋆ XGN MADDEN 7 ⋆ XGN Towlie 7 ⋆ XGN Bloodsinger ⋆ XGN BIG G ⋆ XGN Clever 7 ⋆ XGN TERMiNAT0R ⋆ XGN Creamymyst ⋆ XGN HELL5FURY 7 ⋆ Chief Killzone ⋆ XGN Insomnia ⋆ XGN Diamondz 7 ⋆ XGNRebelChick ⋆ XGNTrimmer ⋆ XGN Jofrruco ⋆ XGN Metal4Ever ⋆ XGN phreakVII ⋆ XGN DeathAngel6 ⋆ XGN Euphoria 7 ⋆ XGN Capo VII ⋆ XGN SirEros61 ⋆ Legion of XGN ⋆ XGN DINOSAUR 7 ⋆ Rasta of XGN

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